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NEW: Sign Change.org Petition Supporting Angel Island Ferry

Support Angel Island Ferry - sign the Petition at Change.org to ensure their family owned & operated ferry company is treated fairly.Help Angel Island Ferry & the McDonogh keep what they created.

Angel Island – Tiburon Ferry needs your help to ensure they are provided a fair and just opportunity to continue operating their Tiburon – Angel Island “Heritage Run,” which the McDonogh family established in 1959.

Captain Maggie McDonogh & CrewAngel Island Ferry soon to celebrate 60 years serving the public on San Francisco Bay.

Angel Island Ferry is soon to celebrate 60 years of Ferry Service to Angel Island State Park. Yet, California State Parks has made it financially impossible for this family owned & operated business to bid for their own ferry run.

Angel Island Ferry Private Charters San Francisco BayBe a part of something great.

Please join the growing number of concerned citizens and click on the photo of Angel Island Ferry (on right) to be taken to the Petition asking California State Parks treat Angel Island – Tiburon Ferry fairly and is provided the opportunity to keep what’s theirs now…and for generations to come.

You can click on any photo of Angel Island – Tiburon Ferry on this page to be taken to the Change(dot)org Petition – click on the red link below…or copy and paste the orange link in your web browser:



Angel Island - Tiburon Ferry

Angel Island Ferry is open 7 days a week & on Holidays such as Labor Day!

Excerpt from Change.org Petition supporting Angel Island – Tiburon Ferry:

California State Parks is now reviewing bids for a new concessionaire to provide ferry service for the Tiburon / Angel Island Ferry Route.  The current proposed State Parks contract would exclude the incumbent Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry and Captain Maggie McDonogh from bidding on the contract due to increased financial requirements. These confiscatory terms would limit access of the public to the Island due to increased ticket pricing to the wealthy segment of society. Parks are for the people not just the select few.

We respectfully ask that Governor Jerry Brown and California State Parks Director Lisa Mangat review this petition and note the amount of community members who have signed on in support of this last family owned and operated ferry business on the San Francisco Bay.

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