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Family Survival Kit Checklist

Be Ready for Anything with a Grab N Go Survival Kit...
“Be Ready for Anything” with a pre-made Grab ‘N’ Go Survival Kit…

When it comes to safety – our  Maritime Motto is “Be Ready for Anything!” 

Now while it may take some energy and time to organize the following list of emergency supplies – once you do – you’ll find there is a certain “peace of mind” that comes with ‘being prepared” for disasters – and you’ll feel good knowing that you have done all you can to protect yourself family against the threat of disasters. 

You can start by just get the basics and add items little by little, or dive in and make it happen in one power shop at the grocery or warehouse store to be sure you have the emergency supplies below recommended by FEMA to have on hand to “Be Prepared:”

  • Three-day supply of non-perishable food.
  • Three-day supply of water – one gallon of water per person, per day.
  • Portable, battery-powered radio or television and extra batteries.
  • Flashlight and extra batteries.
  • First aid kit and manual.
  • Sanitation and hygiene items (moist towelettes and toilet paper).
  • Matches and waterproof container.
  • Whistle.
  • Extra clothing.
  • Kitchen accessories and cooking utensils, including a can opener.
  • Photocopies of credit and identification cards.
  • Cash and coins.
  • Special needs items, such as prescription medications, eye glasses, contact lens solutions, and hearing aid batteries.
  • Items for infants, such as formula, diapers, bottles, and pacifiers.
  • Other items to meet your unique family needs.

Chances are, if you have to evacuate immediate – there will be little time to gather additional items outside of your pre-packed emergency kit so set aside some warm clothing for each family member and bedding such as a sleeping bag for each that you can grab and go with if sheltering in place is not an option:

  • Jacket or coat.
  • Long pants.  (thermals, long underwear).
  • Long sleeve shirt. (think layers).
  • Sturdy shoes. (waterproof options plus extra socks)
  • Hat, mittens, and scarf.
  • Sleeping bag or warm blanket (per person).

For a detailed list of additional items recommended by FEMA click here

Other considerations are to have on hand are a week’s worth of prescription medications on hand, extra cash, gas in your car, and cell phone charger.

Customize the above list and suggestions to suit your family’s specific needs to have what each family member needs to exist without aid for at least 3 days, diapers, formula, etc., for babies; and having board games and toys in your kit for your children will “keep the peace” and the sanity if you find yourself in a shelter.

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3095 Kerner Blvd., Unit i
San Rafael, CA 94901

Below are a few trusted resources for additional information regarding Disaster Preparedness:







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